M C Weiler School

“In 1953, the Bantu Education Board took over all black education in South Africa. With the exception of the Roman Catholics, the Seventh Day Adventists and the United Progressive Jewish Congregation, all other church and religious bodies either handed over their schools or closed them.  The few who resisted soldiered on without state aid.”

- Nelson Mandela, ‘Long Walk to Freedom’

The MC Weiler School in Alexandra Township has always had a special place in the hearts of the United Sisterhood. We have nurtured it from truly humble beginnings, of a dilapidated 4 roomed house, into a fully functional place of education with a full staff compliment and well over one thousand learners.

During 2011, the feeding scheme continued with special attention to the neediest of its learners. This year, the numbers have risen to 250. They were provided with warm track suits, thermal vests, shirts and school shoes. Those in truly dire circumstances were also given a parcel to take home so that their siblings and other family members could receive some nourishment.


The Network BBDO Mal project (Make a Library) has had to be postponed but we hope that this important project will be completed during the coming year.

At the end of the year, prizes were handed out to the top two learners in each class, together with a certificate of merit. The year-end party for the children is an event that the children really enjoy and anticipate.  Party packs with juices and other treats were handed out to them.


United-Sisterhood M-C-Weiler2On 14th November 2011, Manchester United coaches from the Coaching Clinic spent a day at MC Weiler School. Sixty children were taught, given valuable lessons in football and life skills and on how to lead a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise. This was an event that very few township schools experience. The coaches, Kevin O’ Connell, Claire Mulvenna and Peter Nicholls, brought home to the children the message that, through hard work and the right attitude, they can excel in anything - not only in sport but in their education as well.

All sixty children were given hotdogs, Energade cool drinks and bottled water as well as goody bags and Aon T-shirts. Medals were handed out by the Coaches to those learners who showed the most potential and skill.

United-Sisterhood M-C-Weiler3