Chairman’s Message

-    Dallas Burg

Chairman DallasThe year 2013 was an extremely difficult year for the United Sisterhood. It came with many challenges and was filled with extreme loss. It was a year that we needed to come together and support our very own members who suffered great loss, and as a Sisterhood that is what I believe we did.

And those special people who passed on will be remembered with much fondness and love. The year was also a particularly challenging one financially as with the increased cost of living many of our donors have found it difficult to continue supporting our cause. Unfortunately this is not a problem that we are facing alone as many charities are finding it difficult to raise funds.

Hand in hand with this is the increased number of families that are requiring assistance.

It was wonderful working with Mr Malose Manakana (the acting principal) from the MC Weiler School. A more caring and gentle person I have not met. We managed to supply 90 pupils with new uniforms, shoes, socks etc for the winter term as Jacqui managed to find a very generous donor to cover the cost of these uniforms.

I would like to leave you with this thought as times are getting tougher for all of us.

"Know No Boundaries" – there are no limits (except the ones you put on yourself). Keep on pushing to-wards the life of your dreams. Stop paying attention to negative people around you that keep saying "You can't" or "It's impossible".

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Believe in yourself and you will do anything that you set your mind to.