Temple Israel Sisterhood

(Chairman – Ruth Leveson)

In 1936 the first synagogue, Temple Israel in Hillbrow, was opened by the Mayor of Johannesburg, Donald MacKay. This pioneering building is now a national monument.
Temple Israel is the mother synagogue of Progressive Judaism in South Africa, founded by Rabbi Moses Cyrus Weiler.

Despite the difficulties of operation in Hillbrow, sincere thanks goes to Ruth Leveson for all her determination and assistance throughout the years of running the Sisterhood.
The tradition of holding a Bracha has for the Temple members on Saturday mornings as well as feeding the poverty stricken street people is a continuous event.
The United Sisterhood and Bet David Challah carry on assisting Temple Israel to provide food for their Brochat.

Jacob Hurwitz has now become an integral part of the Sisterhood and is always available to support and assist wher-ever service is needed.